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Denver, Colorado
Denver is a bustling city of over 579,000 people supporting a fast growing metropolitan area of nearly 3 million people. Though the city embraces its cowboy and mining past it also looks forward towards the future with a vibrant arts and performing arts scene, dozens of great outdoor festivals, awesome neighborhoods offering their own unique experiences, and pretty much everything a cosmopolitan city has to offer, not to mention great access to the beautiful Rocky Mountains only 15 miles west of town.

Still, Denver does have its growing pains. Urban sprawl is becoming a problem, with the metropolitan area sometimes growing faster than the infrastructure can really handle, especially with public transportation. Denver is generally a driving city, and problems with pollution and traffic are thus a part of every day life including bad road rage incidents. Large mass transportation and freeway expansion projects are underway to keep up with the city’s growth included the popular light rail.

Denver Neighborhoods

LoDo is the name Colorado locals have given the Lower Downtown district of Denver. It’s a great place for meals, entertainment, and nightlife, where restored Victorian buildings now house more than 90 sports bars, brew pubs, jazz clubs, and restaurants.

Capitol Hill is the neighborhood directly east and south of the Colorado State Capitol, located on Colfax Avenue and Grant Street. It has long held as place for young people, sub-cultures and the gay and lesbian community. Currently, it rivals LoDo as the place to party, no matter what your scene is.

Colfax Avenue, described by Playboy Magazine as the “longest, wickedest, street in America,” stretches 26 miles through Denver and its suburbs. Colfax has long had a “gritty” reputation for being home to prostitution and drug peddlers. However, through much urban development work, Colfax has shed its past and emerged hipper, cleaner and more popular than ever. The many bars, restaurants and nightspots along the street give it a 24/7 ambience.

The 16th Street Mall runs the near entire length of 16th St. in downtown Denver. It is home to a number of chain stores, as well as novelty shops. It is dominated by the Denver Pavilions, an “urban mall,” on the southeast end of the street.

The Cherry Creek Shopping District sits southeast of downtown Denver, and hosts some of the most expensive stores in the metropolitan area. The Cherry Creek Shopping Mall is the epicenter of this district.

Larimer Square offers some of the best shopping districts in the city and was one of the first urban shopping concept, dating back to the 1960′s. The area is full of all kinds of stuff from clothing to furniture. Check out the district’s rich history, as well. It is a nice place because almost everything is very architecturally eye-pleasing, which is nice when shopping. Check the area between 14th Street and 16th.

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