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San Diego, California
San Diego is a modern city on the Southern California seacoast known for its ideal climate, miles of beaches, and location on the Mexican border, right across from Tijuana. It has a rich heritage built around sailing and is home to the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy. It is also well known for its part in the wildlife conservation movement, being home to a SeaWorld theme park and the “world-famous” San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. San Diego is an excellent place to escape from the hustle and bustle of nearby Los Angeles.

San Diego Districts

Except for bureaucratic purposes, San Diego really doesn’t have any clearly defined “districts”, and the areas don’t make much sense from the standpoint of the average visitor to San Diego or citizen of the city. San Diego is defined by its many individual neighborhoods, which are too numerous to list here.

Downtown – The central business district of the city, downtown is also a hub of nightlife and has many attractions.

Balboa Park-Hillcrest – Located in the heart of the city, Balboa is a massive urban parkland, home to many amazing museums and the renowned San Diego Zoo. Next door is Hillcrest, a trendy urban neighborhood.

Old Town-Mission Valley - Old Town is the site of the original settlement of San Diego. Nearby is Mission Valley, a major commercial center situated along the San Diego River.

Point Loma-Ocean Beach – Located on a peninsula jutting out into the ocean, this area is home to gorgeous views of San Diego, beautiful scenery, and lovely beachfront neighborhoods.

Mission Beach-Pacific Beach – Two popular beach communities with plenty of shops, restaurants, and nightlife, alongside a man-made inlet known as Mission Bay, home to Sea World.

La Jolla – An upscale beach community that’s almost a separate city from San Diego.

Mid-City – Treated here as a region of the city, mid-city is composed of many urban and suburban neighborhoods in the heights of eastern San Diego.

Northeastern – Also treated here as a region of the city, Northeastern is composed of many suburban neighborhoods stretching far to the north, with a few scattered attractions.

San Ysidro – Home to the world’s busiest land border crossing, where one can travel between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

In addition, there are many communities and suburbs in the San Diego area that are not actually part of San Diego (such as Coronado).

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